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On this page we want to introduce the most interesting leisure-time activities in and around Ellenz - Poltersdorf:

The vin-village Ellenz-Poltersdorf lies at the Cochemer Krampen at the middle-Mosel, which offers a lot of different attractions to its visitors. Besides the well-known destinations like the towns Cochem and Zell as well as the picturesque Mosel-villages like Beilstein and the mediaeval castles there is much more to discover. You can go to numerous destinations comfortable and for free by public transport with the guest-ticket if the destination is located in the district of Cochem-Zell.

The outdoor swimming pool in Ellenz-Poltersdorf and also the in- and outdoor swimmingpool in Cochem are very interesting for families, the game and amusement park in Klotten and the possibility to discover the beautiful Mosel-valley by boat.

Active guests, who like to experience nature at the Mosel and on the Eifel- and Hunsrück-highs on bike, find a wide net of cycle tracks and very good forest and field paths in our region.

Hikers find in the walking tours like the hiking path Erlebnis Moselkrampen, which connects the villages Ellenz – Poltersdorf, Ernst, Bruttig – Fankel and Beilstein, the Apolloweg between Valwig and Cochem or the Calmont – Klettersteig between Eller and Bremm a paradise of beautiful paths, which offer a lot of great views into the Mosel-valley.

The hiking paths of the Mosel.Erlebnis.Route is expand by the Moselsteig, the Traumschleifen of the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig and the Traumpfade at the lower Mosel, Rhine and in the Eifel.

This is the list you find the most popular destinations in our region:



  • Beilstein, what is called the "Dornröschen of the Mosel" (crossing the Mosel from Ellenz by a ferry) with the monastery and the ruin of the caste Metternich

  • Boat trips to Cochem or in the direction of Zell and Traben – Trarbach. You find timetables in our information-map in the recreation room or at Addresses and links

  • Hiking on the Erlebnis Moselkrampen (theme hiking path) or on the hiking path Briederner Schweiz (theme hiking path), which are both sections of the Moselsteig between Perl and Koblenz. Beilstein ist the final village of stage 17 and starting village of stage 18.

  • Hiking in the Hunsrück in the direction of the monastery Maria Engelport and the rope-suspension bridge near Mörsdorf.


  • Inner town with market place and the bank with the ship landings and the view on the castle

  • Castle Cochem with falcon parade

  • Moselbad (in- and outdoor swimming pool) and miniature golf

  • Chair lift to the game and amusement park Klotten

  • Historical mustard mill and former Bundesbank bunker

  • Hiking on the Apolloweg Valwig (theme hiking path) between Valwig and Cochem. Possibility to extend the trip to Bruttig on the BREVA-path (theme hiking path) and connection to hiking-path Erlebnis Moselkrampen (theme hiking path)

  • Hiking in the valley Wilde Endert in the direction to Kaisersesch und monastery Maria Martental

  • Moselsteig-Seitensprung (theme hiking path) Cochemer Ritterrunde

  • Boat trips to Beilstein or Treis-Karden

  • Golf course on the Mosel crest


  • Canoe rental and canoe trips on the Mosel


  • Game and amusement park Klotten

  • Cultural trail Dortebachtal (theme hiking path)

Ediger-Eller, Bremm and Neef:

  • Hiking in breezy hight in the steepest vineyard of Europe on the Calmont - Klettersteig (theme hiking path) between Eller and Bremm

  • Cultural trail of the religions around Ediger - Eller (theme-walking-path)

  • Petersberg and Eulenköpfchen above Neef: View at the Calmont, the loop of the Mosel and the villages Ediger-Eller, Bremm, Neef and St. Aldegund

  • Canoe rental and canoe trips on the Mosel

Treis - Karden:

  • Church St. Castor at Karden

  • Buchsbaum hiking path with connection to the Castle Eltz

  • Chapelle Zilles et chemin de croix avec vue magnifique dans la vallée de la Moselle

  • Lenus-Mars-hiking path und Roman temple complex on the Martberg

Castles along the Mosel:

  • Castle of Cochem

  • Ruin of Castle Metternich at Beilstein

  • Castle Eltz near Moselkern

  • Castle Arras near Alf

  • Castle Thurant at Alken

  • Ehrenburg near Brodenbach

  • Castle Pyrmont near Roes

Different towns and cities along the Mosel:

  • Zell, Traben – Trarbach and Bernkastel – Kues as typical winetowns on the Mosel.

  • As bigger towns Trier with the Porta Nigra, more historical remains and very good possibilities for shopping and Koblenz with the Deutschen Eck at the union of the Mosel and the Rhine and the fortress Ehrenbreitstein.

Hiking at the lower-Mosel, in the Eifel and in the Hunsrück:

Trips to Eifel and Hunsrück:

  • Cycling in Eifel and Hunsrück: Discovering on bike on closed down rails the Eifel around Münstermaifeld, Mayen and Daun and the Hunsrück around Kastellaun.

  • Excursion to the spa resort of Bad Bertrich: Glaubersalz Heilquelle, Landschaftstherapeutischer Park and Vulkaneifel Therme are a wonderful treat for health.

  • Eifel: Trips to the Nürburgring, to the monastery Martental near Kaisersesch or into the direction of Daun and the Vulkaneifel for the visit of the Maare or the game and amusement park Daun.

  • Hunsrück: The because of their precious stones wellknown town Idar – Oberstein, the airplane exhibition in Hermeskeil near Trier and the animal adventure park in Bell near Kastellaun.

To get more information about the destinations, you can visit the firms' homepages under addresses and links.

For your short-term planning on the spot we have a map with informations of the destinations in our region in the recreation room. We can give you advice to arrange your holidays.

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View on Cochem's castle and the town at the Mosel's bank in the valley

Outdoor pool Ellenz

Sightseeing boat on the Mosel

The small lizards love to be warmed by the sun on the dry stone walls in the vineyards

Am Moselufer in Beilstein gegenüber dem Fähranleger ist immer was los

View on Karden, part of Treis-Karden, with the church St. Castor

Caslte Eltz near Moselkern


Moselbad at Cochem

View on the Mosel-valley from the hiking path Erlebnis Moselkrampen

Town hall at Ellenz

Der Kurort Bad Bertrich im Ueßbachtal ist durch seine Lage ein idealer Ausflugsort an warmen Sommertagen

Porta Nigra at Trier

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